What Sets Us Apart

Exceptional Dentistry for Your Best Smile

Dr. Cynthia Stephenson and her team provide the highest quality dental care and responsive, respectful customer service. The goal of the practice is to deliver a beautifully unique and functional smile, a smile that allows your personality to shine!


Our practice has been designed with your comfort in mind. Maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness and sterility, we also offer inviting treatment rooms with supportive dental chairs, soothing music and aromatherapy, essential oil towels, and blankets and neck pillows.

Dr. Stephenson and our clinical team have a gentle touch. We proceed at a pace you set, provide painless injections, and are attentive to you during the process. If there is ever anything you need while here, please say so: we care and are accommodating to your desires.

Personalized Dentistry

We care about you as a person, first-and-foremost. Starting with your first visit, we take time to learn what you are seeking, discuss your concerns, and talk about your life.

Following your initial exam, Dr. Stephenson will design your unique treatment plan. She identifies your clinical needs and the ideal approach to correcting issues, while considering your personal situation.

By addressing the whole of your life, beyond your teeth, she ensures a treatment approach that delivers lasting function and beauty.

Oral, Physical, and Emotional Wellness

The health of your mouth is intertwined with your overall wellbeing: if your mouth is unhealthy it can lead to systemic issues, and if you body is unhealthy it affects your oral cavity. Further, both oral and physical health affect your emotional state and self-esteem.

Dr. Stephenson’s focus is on helping you achieve – and maintain – optimal, functional oral health and stability, a healthier body, and strong emotional wellbeing.

Technical Expertise

Dr. Stephenson has completed extensive post-graduate dental courses, staying at the leading-edge of new techniques, materials, and technologies.

She carefully studies and evaluates the latest research, regularly participates in hands-on trainings, and ensures she is offering her patients proven, ethical dental care.

As a skilled diagnostician, Dr. Stephenson is able to identify not only clinical issues, but also the underlying cause of the problems. When developing your custom treatment plan, she avoids the “quick fix.” Instead, she crafts an approach that addresses the whole of the situation, correcting all problems, and restoring functional wellness and beauty.

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Gentle, personalized dental care is a phone call away. Please contact our Walnut Creek, CA comprehensive and cosmetic dental office, serving San Francisco’s East Bay, to schedule a visit with Dr. Stephenson and our team.

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and being your partners as you achieve the radiantly attractive, healthy, and confident smile you deserve! Please, call today.

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